Your Captain - Mark Farrell
Mark and Jools at the Careel Bay Wooden Boat Festival

Mark and Julie

About Pittwater Ferry Cruises

Please note that we are currently not taking bookings

Your hosts are the latest custodians of this classic estuary ferry and have undertaken a major refit to the vessel to ensure the reliability in RELIANCE.

Professional and passionate, we hope to make your time onboard safe, comfortable and enjoyable and always strive to be the best boat out on the day.

As lifelong Pittwater residents, we take pride in our waterway and are willing to share this special place. The MV Reliance was created here in Palm Beach (1919) by Goddards and with the assistance of local craftsmen, this fine old vessel is in commercial survey and fine working condition.

We have a commitment to sustainable practices and provide a high quality nature-based tourism experience. Passionate about the environment, we take pride in our bays and oceans and welcome you onboard to enjoy the pleasures of this special waterway in a sustainable low impact manner.

This company has been newly formed to offer this service and we welcome your input and hope to hear from you soon.



Mark and Julie Farrell